“Personalised Courses”

Personalised course tailored to us. Felt valued and supported and as a result are prepared, resilient and enthusiastic

“Practical Experiences”

Wide range of immersive, practical experiences to enhance our subject knowledge e.g. visits to the Art Shack, Blists Hill, Whixall Moss etc)

“Supportive Contact”

Having Greg as lead has been instrumental in having one point of supportive contact and in helping us thrive throughout a challenging year (also brings biscuits!)

“Ongoing Support”

We have valued current, specialist teachers who deliver good subject knowledge. They have all been very supportive and offered ongoing support

“Varied Placements”

Three varied placements, our host school has given us opportunity to fully immerse ourselves into school and gave us confidence to start placement. Our placements have been tailored to our preferences

“Small & Friendly”

We have loved the small, friendly cohort. Everyone is supportive and there are plenty of opportunities to share experiences